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Honesty of Purpose.  Intensity of Effort. 

About Cookie

My name is Lois "Cookie" Stevens.  My husband Bob and I purchased our home in Volcano in September 2015.  We retired and have been permanent residents since October 2016.  One of the selling points of the home we bought was the fire department being close by.  We are not getting any younger and this is a high fire danger area.  Minutes matter in saving lives and/or our homes and our beautiful forest.

I joined the Lockwood Fire Auxiliary in April 2017 and became more aware of what is involved in operating a fire department.  I have been very impressed with how the Auxiliary and Firefighters are such a great team with the fundraiser events and how the community comes together to support them. 

My History

In a nutshell, I'm a Navy "brat".  After graduating from high school I worked as a secretary for 7 years and then had the opportunity to change careers and work with my husband in the printing business.  Bob was a printer and I worked in pre-press where we retired after working for 40 years.  While working Bob and I got involved in Drag Racing, of which I drove my own drag car for 10 of those years.  What fun we had!  I belonged to a photographic club and won many awards.  Life has taught me respect, responsibility, compassion, and the ability to listen to others. I brought my skills to the Lockwood Auxiliary, attended Lockwood Board meetings, spent time learning the rules and regulations as well as operating procedures. I am now ready to jump in and make Lockwood great again.

My Goals as Board Director

Lockwood Fire has had it's ups and downs, one of which was the recent resignation of the Fire Chief and retirement of a volunteer firefighter.  The newly signed agreement with CalFire is great news for all of us.  My first priority is to work closely with CalFire to help bring our fire department up to the standards we all expect and count on.   Read my issues page for more detailed description of my goals for Lockwood.  We have the best Auxiliary.  Let's make it the best Fire Department.  Vote for me and I will work for you to insure our fire department is the best it can be.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions: 



Committee to Support Stevens for Lockwood Fire Board Director 2018  ID#1402564
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