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Ledger Dispatch posts Q&A with Candidates

Lockwood Fire Protection District

Please provide a short bio of yourself, including how long you have lived in Amador County, community involvement, career and family information. (500 words or less)

I grew up as a "Navy brat", graduated from high school in 1969 and worked as a secretary for Fairchild Semiconductor and Stanford Research Institute where I had a top secret clearance. Opportunity knocked and I changed careers working at Spectrum Label Corporation in the graphics department. I worked there 40 years until I retired. I held supervisory positions during my career. My husband of 46 years and I also ran a side business in drag racing. I not only kept the books but raced my own "Cookie Car”. I helped “wrench” and was part of the crew for my husband when he raced. Teamwork is a must when racing. Accuracy is a must in bookkeeping.
Photography is my hobby and I have won several first place awards and love taking photos of our beautiful area. We purchased our home in rural Volcano in 2015. Knowing we live in a high-fire danger area, I decided to dedicate my time to the local fire department. I joined the Lockwood Auxiliary in early 2017 and thoroughly enjoy working with them to support our fire department. I began attending Board meetings last October and am aware of the issues at Lockwood Fire. I applied for the Board Director opening in November knowing I have the time and energy to dedicate to the community. The safety of our community is my #1 priority.

Describe your skills and qualifications for the Lockwood Fire Protection District board member position? Why do you think you are best suited to fill the position? (150 words or less)

I am 67 years young and bring a lifetime of skills to the Board. I have held supervisory positions, successfully ran a business and know full well how respect, teamwork and dedication result in success. My husband and I chose not to have children. I have the time, dedication, knowledge and respect it takes to be an effective member of the Board. I am a new face open to new ideas and I want to rebuild this fire department.

What will be your priorities as a board member? What do you hope to achieve? (150 words or less)

Bring civility and honor to the Board. Disrespect and demoralization cannot be acceptable to accomplish what the board is really supposed to be doing to make Lockwood Fire a viable fire department for the community. Keep the community informed via publications and recording or live streaming on Facebook. Fiscal responsibility needs to be established. We need to have public meetings regarding the current CalFire contract and other issues such as previous proposals with Sutter Creek Fire Department and Amador Fire Protection District. This should be done within the first 90 days. I want to work with the Board, listen to all sides and make the best decisions for our fire department.

In what ways do you think fire protection within your district can be improved? How can the board of directors help to facilitate these improvements? (200 words or less)

Recruit and retain volunteers. Develop a committee to utilize existing NVFC
(National Volunteer Fire Council) and CSFA (California State Firefighters Association) retention and recruitment programs that are already in place. Research other venues, such as ROTC programs to encourage volunteering.
I recommend a stipulation volunteers remain at Lockwood Fire for 2 years to gain experience before they pursue their career. This would help Lockwood Fire recoup the costs and time of training. As a new face with an open mind to new ideas, I believe I can research and talk to experts who have knowledge and experience to help the Board make the best decisions for Lockwood Fire. As Board Director, I believe we can all work together and learn from each other to achieve these goals. I have been listening to my constituents. Some of these suggestions came from them. I work for you and I will listen.

Are there ways in which you think LFPD could run more efficiently? If so, how could the board of directors make changes and improvements? (200 words or less)

We need to review expenditures, policies and history of the past few years of Lockwood Fire to see where we can improve and what changes need to be done. The Standard Operating Procedures and other records, such as the Policy and Procedure Manual, need to be reviewed and updated. It is imperative that equipment be inspected and maintained on a regular schedule. Meticulous records need to be kept. There must be accountability and transparency for everything. The Board meets once a month and I will recommend an information packet be submitted to each Board Director 7 days before the meeting. This would allow each Board Director to do research, talk to experts and the community to enable a good decision making process. As a Board Director I will be working to help Lockwood Fire to protect our homes, families and dreams. A vote for me will result in a dedicated volunteer working hard to keep our community safe.

Committee to Support Stevens for Lockwood Fire Board Director 2018  ID#1402564
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