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"I am happy to endorse Cookie for the Board of Directors of Lockwood Fire Protection District. As a former Board member myself, and someone who is concerned about the state of fire protection in the Upcountry area, our Board really needs Cookie Stevens. She has seen the issues facing us as an active member of the Auxiliary, and has the energy and drive to make sure that Lockwood FPD fields an effective program with the personnel necessary to ensure public safety to the Upcountry residents.Please join me in voting for Cookie on election day." - Don Dowell

"I have served along Cookie Stevens with the LFPD Auxiliary since she joined over a year ago. She is tireless. Cookie is very dedicated to the LFPD and to the good of our community. I truly believe Cookie would be the best person to have on the LFPD Board. I have served as the Board Secretary for several years and have seen a number of people come and go. Cookie is a stable force - she listens to all sides of a discussion and offers up solutions to problems rather than fueling the fire. I would encourage everyone to vote for Cookie Stevens for LFPD Board Director." - Terry Bolyard

"Cookie will be a great asset to our local fire department.  She has determination, drive, and has strived to educate herself on all aspects of Lockwood Fire.  Please join me in voting for Cookie - THE best person for the  job!" - Jackie Vaughn, former Lockwood Board Director

"Cookie and her husband Bob bring an energy and commitment to LFPD that is always refreshing. She has been attending the monthly Board meetings to acquaint herself with the issues and is ready to join the Board with fresh ideas, a steady hand, a commitment to the community, a positive attitude and skills developed in her job responsibilities before retirement and moving upcountry. She is a dedicated listener and wants to hear from the community their needs, their ideas, their desires for improving our volunteer fire protection district. I believe that Cookie will work together with the current Board and that she is the best person to fill the empty Director's seat. Having served as a Director on the LFPD Board ... listening, working together, cooperation, positive attitude are important qualities for a Director ... Cookie has these qualities in abundance." - Sylvia Schofield

Debra Abrams
Carol Asmus
John Asmus, past LFPD Brd. Pres.
Richard Bolyard
Terry Bolyard
Rebecca Brown
Doug Coleman
Theresa Coleman
Aline Diamond, Big Trees Mkt
Jeff Dillon
Marilynn Dillon
Bob Dobbs
Jenny Dobbs
Sharon Dowell
Andi Dye
John Dye
Joe Ferrari
Pam Ferrari
Ben Fisher, retired LFPD Firefighter
Herb Goldblum
Mary Long
Aldo Midili
Darnelle Midili
Gary Reinoehl
Sylvia Schofield
Dave Stankalis, Big Trees Market
Bob Stevens
Charles Tinney
Colleen Tinney
Perley Tyson
Gary Vaughn
Jackie Vaughn, past LFPD Brd. Pres.

Committee to Support Stevens for Lockwood Fire Board Director 2018  ID#1402564
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